For the Right Treatments of Traumatic Brain Injury

Today there are many health institutions that offer unparallel medical services, treatments and after care. The most advanced medical services, diagnostic services and research center are the face of today’s health services sector. But this was not the case a few years ago. Good medical treatments were not easy to find and serious diseases and health conditions would require valuable time and effort to get.

But due to some visionaries that dreamt of getting good medical services and treatments has become possible. The health service industry has had a boom due to medical thorium. The boundaries of different countries have been shirking constantly to provide the all essential medical treatments to patient and individuals who require them.

Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, bone diseases, brain illnesses and surgeries were considered to be extremely difficult to diagnose or treat have now become a routine treatment practice. The medical institutions which provide numerous heath services with their many hospitals, research center, care centers and treatments centers have carved new path ways in the world of medical services.

Medical services for Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurological Surgeons, Ear, Nose & Throat, Emergency Services, Joint Replacement, Rehabilitation Services, Special Services and diagnostic services such as Endoscopy and Imaging Center are offered.

Such institutions also feature specialty hospitals like children’s hospitals, Women’s hospitals and other specialty hospitals. They offer treatments and research centers like Cancer Center, Diabetes Center, Sleep Center and Wound Care Center. For the more essential and serious health condition special services are offered like the Minimally Invasive & Robotic Assisted Surgery. Various programs too are offered such as the Neuroscience Program, Heartburn Treatment Program, Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment, Sports Medicine and Metabolic & Weight-Loss Surgery.

But the need for good Neurological Surgeons for treating severe Traumatic Brain Injury is ever increasing. With advancement in medical treatments this need has been fulfilled.

A Traumatic Brain Injury can be a nightmare if not treated properly. Treating such condition in an effective and fast manner is important. But equally important is getting the right diagnoses. This required the most advanced and hi end medical diagnostic instruments and equally experience doctor and operator. Getting experience and knowledgeable Neurological Surgeons is like winning half the battle over serious brain injuries. But finding one is not always an easy task. Thus in such a scenario these medical institutions play a vital role. They not only provide with the most eligible doctors and surgeons but also offer the most suitable treatments and after care for such patients.

New age medical services such as neuroscience care are feature through these institutions. Taking care of the patients like a family member is what these centers do. They commit in providing the most advanced and leading-edge treatments to patients suffering from acute stroke. This team usually consists of skilled and experienced neurologists, neuro-radiologists, neurosurgeons, emergency room physicians, nurses, Hospitalists, dietitian’s therapists and trained speech therapists. This unit offers excellent care for a number of neurological disorders that including stroke, carotid artery disease, cerebrovascular disease, benign and malignant tumors, neurodegenerative disorders, peripheral nerve problems, infections of the nervous system and other movement disorders.


About MIPCN: MIPCN or The Memorial International Patient Care Network or MIPCN is a medical consultation organization which is dedicated to healthcare services and treatments services. Through its hospitals and research centers this institution is creating new corridors in healthcare services. Learn more about MIPCN at

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The Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Knee Surgery

Today’s fast paced world and its lifestyle has resulted into many health related issues. Not much attention is given to one’s health which leads to late detection and diagnoses. In many such cases where detection of a disease is late the matter gets even more complicated and results into severe complications and treatment becomes difficult.


To overcome such issues proper health check-ups need to be conducted at proper intervals. There are various health institutions that cater to such need of patients from diagnosis to treatments and even rehabilitation, where required. Many serious diseases when detected and diagnosed in the early stages are curable and such medical institutions offer all the related services. Various developments in medical sciences have opened new pathways in treatments and medical services. Establishment of a number of medical institutions and organizations world-wide has resulted into medical tourism which has gained new heights by offering unparallel medical services and treatments in healthcare. International medical tourism prevails when patients travel to different geographical regions apart from their own country or city to areas where better medical treatments and services are offered. Such medical institutions offer the most advanced medical diagnosis, treatments, rehabilitation centers and other medical services in healthcare. International boundaries are being constantly challenged and medical treatments have become easily available to all.


Such medical institutions are known for their advanced systems and services. There are a vast number of services and treatments which offer services such as Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Services, Chaplaincy Services, Infertility Services, Cancer Services, Women’s Health Services, Children’s Services, Bariatric Surgery & New Start and Heart & Vascular Services, Hospice Care services.


Such institutions also play a major role in research and development of new treatments with the help of various specialty centers such as breast care center, wound care centers, Counseling Center, Sleep Centers, Clinical Pastoral Education, Clinical Innovation & Research Institute. Critical medical facilities such as trauma facility, Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Forensic Nurse Response Team are offered. Diabetes Self-Management Program, Digital Mammography, Disease Management, Gamma Knife Radio surgery are some of the programs and service rendered.


These institutions feature the most advanced Imaging Services that help early detection of various diseases. Various rehabilitation centers are also being offered such as Industrial Rehabilitation Program, Intestinal Rehabilitation & Transplant Center and Rehabilitation Services for patients suffering from burns and other major surgeries.


These institutions also offer various minimally invasive & robotic assisted surgeries especially for joint replacement surgeries. Orthopedic Knee Surgery or knee replacement is one of the most common joint replacement surgeries. It is considered to be a very painful experience but new innovations in surgical treatments have more than one benefit. They lower strain to adjacent muscles, tendons and tissues, recovery time is reduced, there is minimal post operation pain, and faster restitution of muscle strength is observed. The Orthopedic Knee Surgery which is done under minimally invasive & robotic assisted technique is considered the most ideal. Various special or international services are also offered for patients from other countries. A comprehensive array of the highest level of services and medical care are offered to the international community. Integrative medicine, complete privacy and confidentiality, multicultural staff members, translation services, personalized care and VIP services are some of the service rendered to international patients.


About MIPCN: The Memorial International Patient Care Network or MIPCN is a medical consultation organization dedicated to healthcare. With various hospitals and research centers this organization is creating new pathway in healthcare services. Learn more about MIPCN at

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Good Patient Care Assistant Is the Need of the Hour

Today, medical treatments have come a long way. There are new breakthroughs and advancements every day that give a ray of hope to thousands of patients’ world-wide. Diseases like cancer and other neurological disorders which were earlier considered untreatable are now easily diagnosed and treated. Treatments of different diseases are not restricted only to a particular place. Development in medical treatments has resulted in medical tourism. Medical tourism is when various advanced treatment options and opportunities are offered in other geographical areas than the home country or town.

Various institutions and organization are being established throughout the world that offers unparallel medical treatments and services. Patients in hope of better treatment travel to different countries. Memorial Hermann Hospital is one such institution that offers the most advanced medical programs, treatments and services for patients from around the world. Its head office based in Texas is the biggest non-profit health care organization and system. Based in Texas, this organization feature eleven hospitals. It has a network of physicians and various specialty services, programs and treatments.

The hospital feature various life saving facilities that include the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, eight suburban hospitals, the teaching hospital for The University of Texas Medical School placed in Houston and the country’s busiest Level one trauma center. It also features three premier Vascular and Heart Institutes, rehabilitation and research hospitals, TIRR Memorial Hermann, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, the Mischer Neuroscience Institute, the Ironman Sports Medicine Institute, 21 Imaging Centers, eight Breast Care Centers eight comprehensive Cancer Centers, 19 diagnostic laboratories, ten surgery centers, a substance abuse treatment center and 25 sports medicine and rehabilitation centers.

The hospital not only has achieved new avenues in diagnostics and treatments but has also won the Franklin Award from ACMA for patient care management. This system is a robust program and offers a standardized approach towards patient care assistant for its seven hospital systems.

The hospital offers patient care assistant with a model which provides common procedures, policies, physicians, electronic case management tools, caregivers, social workers, a collaborative practice approach and the community. It also consists of a panel of country experts that include social workers, nurses and various health care professionals who are recognized by The Joint Commission and ACMA.

The hospital has various criteria’s that help it to excel and exceed in its services. These include:

  1. The service model demonstrates respect for distinct professional identities and skills.
  2. The case management service demonstrates that practice is interdependent and not the function of one person or discipline.
  3. The practice of case management is the catalyst for stronger relationships to achieve the best care for patients and families.
  4. The case management service has evolved through evaluation and innovation.
  5. The practice of case management provides leadership, competence and expertise in the solution or resolution of identified problems.
  6. The patient care provided achieves clinical, operational and/or quality outcomes.


  1. Improved clinical outcomes are documented to the extent that improvement can be replicated in other hospitals or health systems.
  2. Case management practice is validated by measurable and reportable outcomes.


About MIPCN: The Memorial International Patient Care Network is a well known medical consultation organization. It features and offers the best assessment, referral and medical plans to the best hospitals in the USA. Learn more about MIPCN at

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Infertility and Neuro diseases No More a Curse

Having a baby of your own is the most wonderful feeling that any mother or a father can have. The joy of a baby that is your own is enormous and nothing can replace it. It is the most natural process of creating a real person. Fertility is considered to be the most precious gift given to a man and a woman. Infertility basically is referred to as a biological failure of an individual, male or female to add to conception. It may also point to a state where a woman is incapable to carry a baby for the full term of pregnancy.


Though most of the men and women have the full biological advantage of conceiving a baby, there are a few who don’t. There are various reasons for the inability to conceive and both men and women suffer with them. There are various reasons of not being able to conceive in men and women.


Genetic factors

Robertsonian translocation or in simpler words chromosomal defect in either of the sexes usually results into recurrent or spontaneous abortions or even complete inability to conceive.


General health related factors

People suffering from thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus, adrenal disease or such other diseases may find it difficult or in some cases totally unable to conceive.


Hypothalamic-pituitary issues

Hyperprolactinemia and Hypopituitarism are the presence of any anti-thyroid antibodies. This is also associated with increased risk of sub-fertility.


Other environmental factors

There are various other factors such as volatile organic solvents, toxins, silicones, physical agents, pesticides, chemical dusts, tobacco smoking that lead to lack of fertility in both men and women.

But with proper medical intervention most of the reasons that lead to infertility can be overcome. Science and technology have advanced, which has drastically increased the chances of conceiving by way of medical treatments. Neurological defects and problems are also such illnesses that today’s medical science can easily treat by way of advanced neurological surgery.


Neurosurgery even known as neurological surgery is the medical word used for the prevention, treatment, diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders. These neurological disorders affect any segment of a person’s nervous system involving the spinal cord, brain, peripheral nerves, or the extra-cranial Cerebrovascular system.


Neurosurgery is generally required for patients with brain tumors, brain and spinal cord injuries, head trauma, epilepsy and seizures, movement disorders that include Parkinson’s disease, migraine and other headaches, multiple sclerosis, stroke, neuromuscular disorders, trigeminal neuralgia and spine – conditions that require minimal invasive procedures.


Neurological surgery is extremely delicate and risky even for the most experienced surgeons. Thus the most hi-tech devices and treatments are used to deal with patients requiring such surgeries. Diagnostic services such as ultrasound, radiology, angiography, magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), computerized Tomography (CT) scans, magnetic Resonance Angiogram, nuclear Medicine including brain scan and bone scan, positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans, myelogram of the spine, electroencephalogram (EEG) and Evoked Potential and spinal tap prove to be extremely essential for such patients.


The technicians operating these diagnostic devices should be licensed and registered. Every patient suffering from any neurological disorder needs utmost care and attention that is aimed to minimizing his/her concerns or discomfort.


About MIPCN: MIPCN or Memorial International Patient Care Network is a highly regarded and advanced medical consultant organization. It offers the best in class referral, assessment and medical plan available in USA. Learn more about MIPCN at

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A New Ray of Hope for Cancer Treatment

The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center is known for its advanced medical treatments and services. It has channelized new and innovative treatments and techniques in the field of medical services and treatments. With extensive work in the medical treatments and an experience of over 16 years, Abeer Saqer is also the chief of Memorial International. She has collaborated and worked with various foreign dignitaries, country presidents, local government officials, high ranking physicians and many company executives. Her achievements in these fields are enormous in the United States, the Middle East and the rest of the world. Saqer’s awareness about Cancer has resulted into playing a significant role in raising funds for research and treatments of this deadly disease. The funds raised are used to benefit many Cancer research programs. The establishment of a physician owned hospital located in Houston, Texas in US has facilitated various treatments and has also made them available to numerous patients.


The Hospital provides world class treatment facilities and services with highest professional standards to its patients. The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center offers the most advanced treatments for various types of Cancer and various support treatments are offered. It has advanced diagnostic services that feature, advanced digital mammography, Breast ultrasound, Ultrasound-guided needle biopsy Breast MRI, Stereotactic biopsy, Fine-needle aspiration, Sentinel node biopsy, Breast ductogram and Digital bone densitometry. The Oncology Rehabilitation offers rehabilitation program which provide comprehensive services to patients suffering from this disease. The programs primary focus is to help patients in their daily activities and improve their living. This program includes an interdisciplinary team approach, peer support groups, individualized patient and family education, discharge planning and counseling. The center also offers support services and radiation oncology for the people who need it.


Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center provides a full radiation oncology program. The hospital features diagnoses and care plans of the highest and the most advanced technology that include Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT), MammoSite® Radiation Therapy, External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT), 3D Treatment Planning, Multileaf Collimator, CT stimulator, Brachytherapy, High Dose Rate Brachytherapy.


The hospital also offers Brain Injury Rehab for patients suffering from brain injuries. Various rehabilitation programs through skilled therapists who help change and improve the lives of patients are offered. The individuals who sing in for these programs become more independence and overcome their fear caused due to injury or illness. The Brain Injury Rehab services are provided not only to adults but children too can benefit from these programs conducted by the hospital. Individuals with brain and spinal cord injuries, orthopedic injuries, amputations, Parkinson’s disease and different neurological disorders and diseases are sure to benefit from the rehab programs. At these rehabilitation centers the primary focus is the comfort and health of the patients enrolled in the hospital. Highly skilled and caring therapists develop a personalized bond towards the patients which has a positive approach in the patient and improves the wellbeing and strength of the patients.


MIPCN or Memorial International Patient Care Network is a highly regarded and advanced medical consultant organization. It offers the best in class referral, assessment and medical plan available in USA. Learn more about MIPCN at

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World Class Treatments Offered In Houston

The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center has put forth new and most advanced medical treatment techniques. Chief of Memorial International, Abeer Saqer has worked extensively with an experience of 16 years with foreign dignitaries, local government officials, country presidents, high ranking physicians and various company executives. She has achieved a lot in the field of medicine not only in the Unites States but in the Middle East and around the world. She has established a physician owned hospital in Houston, Texas in US. This hospital offers various facilities and has made treatment is Houston available freely to all.


Saqer is also aware about cancer and thus plays an important role in raising funds which are used to benefit many cancer research programs. Being a multitasker she also organizes health conferences and many physician programs in the Middle East.


Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital offers to its patients the highest professional standards and medical treatments. This Houston based hospital not only offers world class treatment in Houston in the form of advanced joint replacement treatments such as knee replacement, heat burn treatment programs and more but also offers various treatments and consulting centers such as the cancer center, imaging center, diabetes center, sleep center and more. It offers various advanced treatments and surgeries like minimally invasive & robotic assisted surgery, metabolic and weight loss surgeries. The hospital is also known for the best services in class assessment, referral to the best hospitals available in the USA and medical plan. Its services range from Children’s Memorial Hermann, Endoscopy, Ear, Nose & Throat, Neuroscience Program, Rehabilitation Services, Special Services, Sports Medicine, (Bariatrics), Women’s Memorial Hermann and Wound Care Center.


The knee replacement treatment is a part of the hospital’s innovative surgery techniques. MIS or Advantages of Minimally Invasive Surgery and CAS or Computer-Assisted Surgery is used during joint replacement. This system involves minimal trauma to the surrounding muscles, tendons and tissue. It reduces the recovery time of the patient considerably and also has less post-operative pain. This system facilitates faster restoration of muscle strength and a shorter stay at the hospital.


In the MIS technique the pain is reduces considerable and the patient recovers faster. Since the recovery is faster there are long-term benefits of the surgery. The Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center offers to its patient’s state-of-the-art surgical instrumentation and the latest and innovative surgical techniques available.


In the case of CAS, computers maximize the benefits of the joints that are implanted. The positive outcome that was previously unattainable is possible, thanks to the innovative and leading-edge equipments. CAS also uses other instrumentation to attain a 3D computer-generated model of the anatomy of the patient’s joints before and during the surgery. This technique has offered a degree of accuracy which was unattainable without computers.


This computer-generated model offers insight and valuable information about the patient’s joint, which include the axis, angles and distances. This information ensures physiological and anatomical alignment of the prosthetic implants. CAS offers optimization of the knee or hip placement of the implanted knee or hip.


About MIPCN: MIPCN is a medical consultant organization that offers the medical plan, best in class assessment and referral to the best available hospitals in the USA. It also considers the patient’s location, budget and overall medical picture, to provide the best possible treatments. Learn more about MIPCN at

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Abeer Saqer Carves New Pathways in Medical Consulting

Abeer Saqer is the Chief of Memorial International at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. With an extensive working experience of more than 16 years with foreign dignitaries, country presidents, foreign and local government officials, various company executives, and high ranking physicians in the Unites States, Abeer Saqer has achieved new highs in the carrier. She has spearheaded a new venture which has expanded an outreach program to the Middle East. She is also an establisher of physician’s owned hospitals in Houston, Texas in US.


Well aware and conscious about cancer she has played a major role in raising funds to benefit various cancer research programs. She is a multitasker in her field and is known to organize health conferences and various physicians programs in the Middle East. Her proven track record of developing relationships has benefited the organization and has also helped in implementing various processes that increased the organizations productivity. She has carved the way to improve efficiency, time management methods which in turn have improved client relations.


Abeer Saqer is also the establisher of the first International Patient Care Network that benefits numerable patients that travel to the USA for treatments. She has been consistently successful in managing a caseload of more than 120 International patients at any given time from the Middle East through the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital.

This hospital is a US based independent Middle East Health Care Consultants of which Saqer is the chief. This institution has partnered with top medical institutions in the US. It also has a tied up with top notch US physician’s and experts and has created a professional framework of comprehensive medical services. Patients, referring physicians & hospitals in the Middle East can benefit for this institute.


Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital works at the highest professional standards. With best services in class assessment, medical plan and referral to the best hospitals available in the USA, it has given its patient the best. With services ranging from Cancer Center, Children’s Memorial Hermann, Diabetes Center, Ear, Nose & Throat, Endoscopy, Heartburn Treatment Program, Imaging Center, Joint Replacement, Minimally Invasive & Robotic Assisted Surgery, Neuroscience Program, Rehabilitation Services, Sleep Center, Special Services, Sports Medicine, Metabolic & Weight-Loss Surgery (Bariatrics), Women’s Memorial Hermann, Wound Care Center.


The hospital of this institution’s medical center offers all its medical and health care services to the local community and to the rest of the world since 1971. The physicians, staff and administration of this hospital are committed to the highest class of services. The institution offers care and various facilities to the citizens in west of Houston city in Texas and also to its international patients. With new opening 33 floors in its hospital tower, the memorial city has made commitments of its services in the highest standards and new advanced service in medical and health care.


The medical center of the hospital is a great combination of state-of-the-art facilities and a modernized hotel and a commercial center. The residents, patients and citizens from abroad and with in USA now have more than 1,000 expert physicians, more than 1,600 employee and more than 300 medical volunteers who offer the best health care and medical services.


The institution is in process of collaborating and improving health services in Kuwait Armed Forces Hospital. It has also made the hospital doctors acquire new and advanced skills in various techniques of surgeries, treatment & diagnostic. The institution’s doctors also deliver lectures in coordination with the hospital administration and in the Kuwait university medical college.

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